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News, reviews, and streaming guides for DC movies and TV shows.

Batman stands in a cloud of ash and rubble in a poster for The Dark Knight.

50 best Batman quotes from movies, TV shows, and comic books, ranked

Celebrate the 85th anniversary of the Dark Knight with the 50 best Batman quotes from movies, TV shows, comic books, and even video games.
Batman and Bruce Wayne from Batman Beyond.

7 best Batman Beyond episodes, ranked

Eve kneeling with her sword.

Every video game delay that happened in 2023

Vin Diesel holds a car door like a shield in a still from Fast X

Are movie franchises dead, or are we just seeing the start of new ones?

Patrick Wilson and Jason Mamoa in "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom."

What’s next for the DC Universe after Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Two men dressed as Santa and an elf look in the same direction in Bad Santa.

Christmas movies for people who hate Christmas movies

Deadshot, Harley Quinn, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League: release date, trailers, gameplay, and more

Patrick Wilson and Jason Mamoa in "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom."

3 movies like Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom that you should watch right now

Orm and Arthur stand near rubble in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Aquaman 2’s ending, explained

Jason Momoa wears his Aquaman armor in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom review: a sequel that flounders and soars

Ezra Miller is beside himself in The Flash.

The 5 most disappointing movies of 2023

Patrick Wilson and Jason Momoa in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom streaming?

A woman poses as dusk approaches in Rebel Moon.

5 sci-fi and action movies like Rebel Moon you should watch

Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon has hit Netflix, and audiences wanting more can find a similar viewing experience with these five sci-fi/action movies.
Darkseid stands over his foe in "Zack Snyder's Justice League."

All of Zack Snyder’s movies, ranked from worst to best

With Rebel Moon now streaming on Netflix, it's time to rank the best and worst Zack Snyder movies. And no, Watchmen is not number one.
Catwoman and Batman stare into each other's eyes in The Batman.

3 action movies on Netflix you need to watch in December

Our list of three action movies on Netflix that you need to watch in December include a comic book adaptation, a 1980s blockbuster, and a zombie film.
The cast of The Suicide Squad standing in rubble.

3 best DC movies to watch on Netflix in December

The DCEU is now on Netflix in December. Find out which ones you should watch right now.
Joker and several other Batman villains in comic book art for Hush.

5 best Batman villains ever, ranked

The Dark Knight is arguably the greatest comic book character ever, and he has a collection of deranged and dangerous villains to support his claim.
Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill in Moneyball.

3 best Prime Video movies to watch for Thanksgiving

From a thrilling sports drama to a great comic book adaptation, these Prime Video movies are some of the best to watch over the Thanksgiving holiday.
3 dramas prime video watch november 2023 rocky

3 dramas on Prime Video you need to watch in November

The three dramas on Prime Video you need to watch in November include a DC Comics film, a Tom Cruise classic, and a 20th century pop culture phenomenon.
Key art for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Divisive Suicide Squad game’s newest look emphasizes story over live service

The first Insider video for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is out, and it ignores the game's live service elements to focus on story and gameplay.
Benji, Ilsa, Ethan, and Luther stand together in Mission: Impossible - Fallout.

7 best action movie scores, ranked

From Terminator 2's relentless '80s synth score to Danny Elfman's iconic Batman theme, these action movie scores have stood the test of time.
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

3 action movies on Netflix you need to watch in October

From a historical epic to one of the best comic book movies of all time, these three action films should be saved to your Netflix queue and watched in October.
Batgirl, Batman, and Robin in The Batman.

All the Batman animated shows, ranked

Take a look back at all of the Batman animated shows as we rank each series from the Caped Crusader era to the modern adventures of the Dark Knight.
A tiny version of Starro attached to someone's face in "The Suicide Squad."

The 10 darkest moments in the DCEU, ranked

From Superman killing Zod to Darkseid conquering Earth, these are 10 of the darkest moments ever seen in the DC Extended Universe.
A scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

10 most influential sci-fi movies ever

Sci-fi films have had a massive impact on pop culture, and these 10 films have affected audiences the most with their thrilling and imaginative concepts.
Gordon and Bruce in "Gotham."

10 best Gotham episodes ever, ranked

Gotham remains one of DC's most underrated TV shows, and these ten episodes display just how great this Batman-origin series really is.
The cast of "Justice League Unlimited."

10 best Justice League and Justice League Unlimited episodes ever, ranked

Both Justice League and Justice League Unlimited combine to be one of DC's most ambitious cartoons, and these 10 episodes are top-tier superhero stories.
warner bros makes official justice league movie follow man steel sequel

10 most powerful Justice League members, ranked from weakest to strongest

The Justice League has recruited many powerful superheroes to combat evil, and many of its members are considered the strongest beings in the DC Universe.
Patrick Wilson and Jason Mamoa in "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom."

Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson bro up in Aquaman 2’s first trailer

Aquaman and his estranged brother, Orm, must team up to save the world in the upcoming sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.
An astronaut stands on the moon in Starfield.

Starfield gets the most mileage out of an overused sci-fi trend

A recent trend in sci-fi storytelling is already starting to feel overused, but Starfield understands how to use that concept to make its story more impactful.
Michael Keaton as a thoughtful Bruce Wayne in Batman Returns

10 facts you didn’t know about Tim Burton’s unmade third Batman film

Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns are now considered great comic book movies, but we are left to wonder what could have been if he had made a third film.
Iron Man in "Avengers: Infinity War."

10 best movie superhero costumes, ranked

A big part of a superhero's appeal is their costume, and these ten suits are the height of comic book movie fashion.
Spider-Men look ready for battle in Into the Spider-Verse.

10 best comic book movies of the 2010s, ranked

Superhero fatigue may be finally setting in, but these 10 comic book movies from the 2010s haven't lost their ability to excite and move fans.
A character uses a bow and arrow in Persona 3 Reload.

Persona 3 Reload will release during a surprisingly packed February 2024

Atlus revealed the release date for Persona 3 Reload, and it places the game in what's shaping up to be a busy month for games in 2024.

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