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Best Dyson deals: Cordless vacuums, purifying fans, and beauty

Dyson is one of the most popular names in the home appliance industry because of its reputation for innovation and quality. Whether you need an upright or cordless vacuum, a purifying or cooling fan, or beauty devices like hair dryers and hair straighteners, Dyson has something for you. The brand’s products don’t come cheap though, so to help you with your search for savings from cordless vacuum deals and air purifier deals, we’ve collected our favorite Dyson deals below. Check them out, and don’t hesitate to push through with a purchase if any of the offers catches your eye because we’re not sure until when they’re available.

Best Dyson fan deals

The Dyson Purifier Hot Cool HP10 purifying fan in the bedroom.

Dyson’s bladeless fans can do just about anything — not only can they heat up or cool down a room, but they can also purify the air by trapping pollutants. Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology amplifies surrounding air to create uninterrupted streams of air, while LED screens show the status of the devices. They’re fairly expensive though, which is why Dyson fan deals are always in high demand.

  • Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Purifier Heater HP02 —
  • Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool Gen1 HP10 —
  • Dyson Purifier Humidify + Cool Autoreact PH3A —
  • Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool HP07 —
  • Dyson Purifier Humidify + Cool Formaldehyde PH04 —

Best Dyson beauty deals

Dyson Corrale

Dyson’s beauty devices utilize high-level technology to make things much easier for you. For example, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer creates high-pressure, high-velocity jets of controlled air for fast drying and precision styling, while the Dyson Corrale hair straightener uses flexing plates that gather your hair for more control while regulating their temperature to make sure your hair doesn’t get damaged by too much heat. These features necessitate their high prices, so you’ll want to take advantage of Dyson beauty deals to make them more affordable.

  • Dyson Corrale hair straightener (refurbished) —
  • Dyson Supersonic hair dryer —
  • Dyson Corrale hair straightener — with My Best Buy Plus or Total
  • Dyson Airwrap multi-styler (refurbished) —
  • Dyson Airwrap multi-styler —

Best Dyson upright vacuum deals

The Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner Ball Multi Floor 2 Yellow 1.

Dyson’s upright vacuums offer powerful suction to pick up all kinds of dirt and debris across all floor types, but they’re also light enough for easy maneuvering around your home. They’re not as portable as the brand’s cordless vacuums, but they’re among the best Dyson vacuums for cleaning large areas because they’re not limited by batteries. If you’re looking for Dyson upright vacuum deals, these below are the best ones that you can find online.

  • Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 (refurbished) —
  • Dyson Ball Multi Floor —
  • Dyson Ball Animal 3 Extra (refurbished) —
  • Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 —

Best Dyson cordless vacuum deals

The Dyson V15 Detect cordless vacuum with its laser.

Dyson’s cordless vacuums are the brand’s signature devices, as they combine intelligent technology that maintains a clean home with a people-centric design that makes it very easy to use them. These cordless vacuums offer impressive suction power, versatility with their attachments and the ability to convert to handheld vacuums, and whole-machine filtration that traps allergens and fine dust. The latest models, such as the Dyson V15 Detect, even come with a laser to detect particles that the human eye can’t see. Dyson cordless vacuum deals almost always get sold out quickly though, so hurry if you want to take advantage of any of the bargains we’ve listed here.

  • Dyson Omni Glide —
  • Dyson V8 —
  • Dyson V11 —
  • Dyson V12 Detect Slim —
  • Dyson V15 Detect Extra —

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Why you should buy the Samsung Jet Bot+ with Clean Station
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