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Reolink holiday security guide: Deals to secure your home for the holidays

The holidays, while wonderful, are also a weird time for most people. Either you’re traveling, maybe even to a distant relative’s home, others are traveling to you, or you’re doing holiday-themed things like shopping, sledding, enjoying the cool weather, or any number of winterific activities. If your schedule is full, and we hope it is, you’ll be spending a lot of time away from your own home, which means now’s a great time to start thinking about security. Crimes tend to increase during the holidays, and between robberies, larcenies, and package theft, there’s a lot to consider. Even if you’re home, these nefarious events can and do happen.

But one of the better ways to protect yourself, your property, and your family is to install some surveillance and smart home security devices. A key feature is the option to connect remotely and watch or interact with live video feeds, like conversing with a home lawn service rep via two-way audio or asking the package courier to drop your delivery in a specific place. Reolink is your ticket to peace of mind this holiday season, with incredible deals on security devices and some useful tips that can help protect what’s yours.

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Enjoy peace of mind during the holidays with Reolink’s security guide

Every property is varied with unique entry and exit points, places that need watching, and exclusive circumstances — like backyard blind spots — and all are worth considering. In the spirit of the holidays and out of the interest of family safety and security, here are some excellent tips to help you lock down your home:

1. Give season’s greetings from your doorstep

Reolink Doorbell WiFi installed for holiday security father and daughter

If you don’t have one already, a smart doorbell or camera near your front door is a must-have for any security setup. A great example is Reolink’s Smart 2K Wired PoE Video Doorbell with Chime. With 2K HD video, two-way audio, and realtime person detection, you’ll see, hear, and can communicate with anyone that comes to your door, and you don’t even have to be home. It’s a solid way to keep an eye on visitors or make sure no packages are stolen — and if they are, you have video evidence of the theft. Normally $100, Reolink’s smart doorbell is just $75 right now, 25% off or $25 off. If you prefer a wireless version, there is a WiFi doorbell available, too.

2. Attached or not, protect your garage

Reolink holiday security camera protecting garage out front

Attached garages are fairly standard in most suburban homes, which makes them a big target for thieves who want to gain access to your property. But even if you have an old-fashioned, standalone garage, they’re still prime targets. That’s why locking them down should be a priority. A recommendation here would be Reolink’s highly-capable 4K 8-megapixel Smart PTZ WiFi 6 camera with auto-tracking technology. It syncs over dual-band WiFi, so will work excellently with your home WiFi network, and has 3X optical zoom, 355 degrees of pan, and 50 degrees of tilt. The pan and tilt allow you to maneuver your view so you can scope out the surroundings. Normally $140, this reliable camera is $105 right now. It’s a good choice to install inside or outside your garage.

3. Monitor your oasis, even when you’re not

Argus PT Ultra+SP being installed for the holidays

It’s silly to think that anyone should sit in front of a monitor or screen and watch their backyard diligently. There are better ways to keep your little paradise or oasis safe. Active surveillance, powered by you, is totally possible with Reolink’s Argus PT Ultra. Besides the 4K UHD video quality, dual-band WiFi support, battery and solar-powered options for wireless use, and fully remote access, one feature in particular truly makes it the best of the best for backyards: smart detection without subscription fees. When the camera detects suspicious activity, like an intruder, it triggers spotlights and a siren, along with mobile alerts through the Reolink app. You’ll know right away, bad actors get a loud warning, and you have plenty of time to take action, whether that’s calling the police or asking them to leave via two-way audio.

4. Don’t neglect indoor safety

Reolink E1 Outdoor Pro installed during the holidays

It’s easy to forget about the inside of your home while you’re shoring up the outside, but it’s especially important to remember if you have kids. Smart baby monitors and indoor cameras can help you check on your littles no matter what mischief they get up to. Sometimes you’re in another room, and you just need to be able to check or keep an eye on them. Reolink’s E1 Outdoor Pro and 4K WiFi camera can help. Don’t let the name fool you, it works just as great indoors as out. It supports dual-band WiFi, has a 3x optical zoom, 355 degrees of pan, 50 degrees of tilt, and color night vision so you can capture their late-night escapades in full glory. Need to know who’s stealing all the cheese sticks and ice cream late at night? Grab this camera for just $105 right now, normally $140.

5. Spring for whole-property coverage, for home or away

Reolink RLK12-800WB4 12 channel security system for whole home coverage

If you’re a small business owner, have a second or rental property, or just want coverage for your entire main property, a full system with multiple cameras is your best bet. But there’s no reason you should sacrifice the smart features to expand your coverage. Cue Reolink’s RLK12 All-Powerful 4K Security Kit with next-gen WiFi 6 cameras. It includes a 12-channel NVR with a 2TB hard drive for storing surveillance footage, with a bundle of four 4K UHD cameras. The cameras have person, vehicle, and animal detection, so if anything is moving on your property, day or night, you’ll know about it.

More security deals from Reolink to protect your home and family

While the scenarios above, and examples, give you some great options to consider, they’re not the only smart home security devices from Reolink discounted for the holidays. Here are a few more offers to consider, available from December 11 until December 25:

These deals will be available starting December 26 at Reolink, for the year-end:

If you’re getting ready to leave home soon, you don’t have to worry about a lengthy install process for any of these systems, it’s both easy and fairly intuitive to get set up.

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