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The latest apps, hand-picked by our editors here at Digital Trends. Whether you’re looking for the best apps for Android or iOS, we’ve got you covered with all of the info you need. Before you download, make sure you get the down-low.

Alan Truly scans some photos with the Pixma TS6420a.

How to scan from a printer to a computer

Many modern printers can scan photos and documents. While your computer might work with your scanner, you'll get better results with specific apps.
Slack NYSE

The most common Slack issues and how to fix them

OnePlus 5 soft gold with the phone app open.

The 10 best apps for a second phone number in 2024

Fluora Mini in a hallway.

I controlled this smart plant with my iPhone and I’m in love


What is Discord? What you need to know about the messaging app

A series of social media app icons on a colorful smartphone screen.

How to create multiple profiles on a Facebook account

The Starz website home screen.

What is Starz? Pricing, what to watch, and how to watch it

A screenshot of the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, showing a promo for the new T Life app.

The T-Mobile Tuesdays app is about to get a big upgrade

Apple Journal app on an iPhone 15 Pro.

The iPhone’s new Journal app is worse than I thought

A closeup view of piano keys.

The best piano apps in 2024: top apps for learning how to play

An app folder on an iPhone titled "New Year's Apps."

The 10 best apps for your 2024 New Year’s resolutions

Robinhood app investing home page.

You can invest in under 10 minutes with Robinhood

A render of the Mint app on an iPhone.

The best Mint alternatives: 10 great budgeting apps for 2024

Mint is going away soon, which means you'll need a new budgeting app. Lucky for you, we've found 10 excellent Mint alternatives we think you'll love.
Calling interface of Pi Digital assistant on Android.

This is Pi — one of the most amazing Android apps I used in 2023

AI chatbots are nothing new in late 2023. But the Pi app for Android takes a radically different approach to it — and it's nothing short of amazing.
Anipang Match app being shown on an LG smart TV,

LG is bringing Baby Shark and high-end art to its smart TVs with a range of new apps

Today LG announced that a range of new personal wellness, educational, and lifestyle apps for kids and grown-ups will be available on its smart TVs.
Snapchat Recap 2023 running on iPhones.

Snapchat Recap 2023: how to find your year in review

2023 is nearing an end, which means it's time for Snapchat Recap! Here's how to find your 2023 year in review for Snapchat right now.
An iPhone 15 Pro home screen with festive decorations.

17 iPhone apps I couldn’t live without in 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, let's look back and talk about the iPhone apps that I simply couldn't do without this year.
Reddit Recap 2023 on an iPhone.

Reddit Recap 2023: how to find yours now

What were your favorite communities on Reddit in 2023? How about your most popular posts? This information (and more) is available in Reddit Recap 2023.
An iPhone running an investment app.

The best investment apps for beginners in 2023

For those new to investing, we have compiled a list of the best investment apps for beginners. These apps provide all the necessary tools to start trading.
Duolingo 2023 Year in Review running on an iPhone.

Duolingo Year in Review 2023: how to find yours right now

Duolingo's 2023 Year in Review has landed! Want to find your very own Duolingo recap for 2023? Here's everything you need to know.
best personal finance apps.

The best personal finance apps in 2023 for iPhone and Android

Stay on top of your finances with the best personal finance apps for Android and iOS. And guess what? Many of these won’t cost you a dime to use.
Apple App Store Awards 2023 logo.

These developers are doing something amazing with iPhone and iPad apps

What makes iPhone and iPad apps special in 2023? We chatted with award-winning developer teams to learn exactly that.
Google Maps running on a Pixel 8 Pro, showing the new colors as of November 2023.

Google Maps got a major update, and people hate it

Google has rolled out a fresh coat of paint for its Maps app to widespread complaints. Here's why folks are so unhappy with it.
Google Chat app on the Play Store.

Google just redesigned one of its biggest apps, and it’s bad

Google Chat just received a major update, including a new way to navigate the app. And it's ... something else.
Spotify Wrapped 2023 on a laptop.

Spotify Wrapped 2023: how to find your 2023 music stats

Spotify Wrapped 2023 is finally live! Here's how to find all of your music stats for the past year.
The App Store on an iPhone, showing searching results for "stock trading apps."

The best stock-trading apps for iPhone and Android in 2023

Whether you're an experienced trader or newbie, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to stock-trading apps. Here are the best of them for iOS and Android.
Apple Music Replay 2023 hero.

Apple Music Replay 2023: how to find your replay experience

Do you know what songs you listened to the most on Apple Music this year? How about your favorite artist? All will be revealed with Apple Music Replay 2023.
The Google Pixel 8 and Motorola Edge (2023) laying on a bench with their screens turned on.

The best Android apps in 2023: 49 apps you should download now

Finding the best Android apps for your device can be a time-consuming task. We've rounded up our top 49 apps, with something for every occasion.
The Paste Mac app, with its clipboard bar open and the Paste homepage in Safari.

This simple app changed how I use my Mac forever

Copying and pasting in macOS seems pretty basic, but there’s one Mac app that gives it such a huge boost that Apple should really sit up and take notice.
Best charity giving apps.

These are my 8 favorite charity apps for iPhone and Android

Donating to charity is a great way to make a positive impact. Here are our favorite charity apps available for the iPhone and Android phones.
The Nothing Chats splash page in the app.

Nothing’s iMessage for Android app is unbelievably bad

Earlier this week, Nothing Chats launched as a new app to get iMessage on an Android phone. As it turns out, it's a bit of a hot mess.
Courses and languages on the Duolingo app.

How to change your language on Duolingo

Duolingo lets you learn more than 30 languages. Here's how to change your language on Duolingo when you want to try something new.
The Duolingo app showing how to remove a course/language.

How to remove a language on Duolingo

Duolingo offers over 30 languages you can learn. When you want to remove a language from your account, here's how to do it for both iPhone and Android.
Render of the Wrapped for Instagram app on an iPhone.

You should probably stay away from the Instagram Wrapped app

An app called Wrapped for Instagram has been making waves lately. But is it safe to use, or is it a scam? Here's what you need to know.

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