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Jon Martindale

Jon Martindale

Computing Coordinator

Jon Martindale is the Evergreen Coordinator for Computing, overseeing a team of writers addressing all the latest how to guides, best-of lists, and explainers to help everyone understand the hottest new hardware and software in desktops, laptops, and on the web.

Jon also writes for Forbes, Lifewire, and Microcenter, has authored two novels, and provided back story and dialogue for a handful of games.


A person sits in front of a laptop. On the laptop screen is the home page for OpenAI's ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot.

How to build your own custom GPT with ChatGPT

Building your own custom GPT is a great way to make a chatbot that works exactly how you want it to and knows what you need it to. Here's how to make one.
A lock surrounded by keys.

How to password protect a folder in Windows and macOS

Everyone has private data on their PC, and one of the best ways to safeguard that is to password protect it. But do you know how to password protect a folder?
A hand holding the RTX 4090 GPU.

How to check your VRAM — how much GPU memory do you have?

As games get bigger and more demanding, you need more VRAM to run them, so you need to know how to check your VRAM. Follow along to find out.
Cyberpunk 2077 being played on the Alienware 32 QD-OLED.

How to enable HDR in Windows 11

HDR and Windows 11 go together much better today than they have in the past, but it can still take some tweaking.
Desk tray showing lots of desk surface space.

Why I started using a keyboard tray, and why you should too

I've been using a keyboard tray lately, and while I don't feel cool using it, the benefits are undeniable.
AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D held between fingertips.

How to turn on Eco Mode for AMD CPUs — and why you should

AMD's Ryzen 7000 CPUs are efficient out the box, but you can make them even more so by turning on Eco mode. Here's how to do it.
Baldur's Gate 3 being played on the Alienware 32 QD-OLED.

Input lag and response time aren’t the same. Here’s which is more important

Input lag and response time are important for gaming, but how important, and which one is more so? Here's how input lag and response time measure up.

How to use the Command Prompt in Windows 10 and 11

The Windows Command Prompt might be old, but it's still a useful tool for tweaking, diagnosing, and exploring your Windows 10 or 11 PC. Here's how to use it.
PC build-out guide

Computer won’t turn on? Common problems and fixes

Is your PC not turning on properly, or at all? It's not an uncommon PC problem. If you want to troubleshoot your PC boot issues, here are a few tips.
A rendering of an RTX 40 Super GPU.

How to watch Nvidia’s launch of the RTX 4000 Super today

Nvidia's RTX 40 Super graphics cards are coming soon, and they'll put extra pressure on AMD's competitive cards. Here's how to watch the reveal.
Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim 2TB HD box.

The 11 best external hard drives for 2024

Need an external drive with loads of space? Does it need to be fast and durable, too? Here are the best external hard drives you can get from SanDisk and more.

The 6 best PC cases in 2024

The best computer cases bring all of your components together. Our list of the top PC cases will show of your parts off while keeping them cool and quiet.
A person typing on a laptop that is showing the ChatGPT generative AI website.

Google Gemini vs. GPT-4: Which is the best AI?

OpenAI's GPT-4 and Google's Gemini are two of the most advanced chatbots out there thanks to some impressive features. Which comes out on top? Let's compare.
asrock killed overclocking intel skylake nonk gaming motherboard

How to buy a gaming PC for the best performance and value

Buying a gaming PC doesn't have to be complicated. Our guide on how to buy a gaming PC will walk you through what's most important.
how to make ai videos pika pikathumb

How to make AI videos from just text

Pika is a powerful text-to-video and image-to-video generative AI that can turn your prompts into motion video with real cinematic quality. Here's how.
A woman holding the Samsung 870 Pro NVMe PCIe SSD in her hands.

SATA vs. PCIe: the important difference you need to know

SATA and PCIe are two of the most common storage solutions for modern PCs, but what's the difference? Read on to know more.
Google Drive in Chrome on a MacBook.

How to send large files for free

Need to transfer a pretty hefty file online, but don't know how? We've put together this guide to cover the simplest, most effective, and most secure methods.
The Alienware QD-OLED monitor in front of a window.

These are the most important monitor settings to change for PC gaming

Configuring your monitor with the best settings for gaming can make sure your games look their best, and give you as many advantages as possible for competing.
A closeup of gamer using a mechanical keyboard with rgb lighting

How to map macros on your gaming keyboard

Macros can be useful in the right game. If you're repeating tasks in an MMORPG or strategy game over and over, here's how to speed up the process with macros.
best free midjourney alternatives aiartgen

The best free Midjourney alternatives you can try out today

Midjourney is a great AI art tool, but it's not the only one. Here are some great alternatives you can play with for free right now.
A digital image of Elon Musk in front of a stylized background with the Twitter logo repeating.

What is Grok? Elon Musk’s controversial ChatGPT competitor explained

Grok is the Elon Musk-backed AI offshoot of X that he's hoping will compete with ChatGPT and Bard. Can it? Here's what you need to know.
Google Drive in Chrome on a MacBook.

Google Drive vs. Dropbox: which is best in 2023?

Google Drive and Dropbox are two of the best cloud storage services, but which one is best? We compared Google Drive versus Dropbox head to head to find out.
Pads on the bottom of the Ryzen 9 7950X.

AMD vs. Intel: the rivalry has never been more fierce

The AMD versus Intel debate is ever-raging, and in 2023, it's just as competitive. With Meteor Lake, Raptor Lake, and Ryzen 7000 now available, which are the best CPUs?
Microsoft Copilot allows you to ask an AI assistant questions within Office apps.

Microsoft Copilot: tips and tricks for using AI in Windows

Windows Copilot is a useful tool for augmenting your Windows experience, but with these tips and tricks you can make it even better.
Windows 11 set up on a computer.

How to change your default browser in Windows 11

Windows 11 might want to push you to use Edge, but you probably have another favorite. Whatever it is, here's how to make it the default browser.
Intel's 14900K CPU socketed in a motherboard.

All the ways to lower your CPU temperatures, from easy to expert

Is your PC really loud? CPU a little toasty? Want to overclock further, but can't? It's time to lower your CPU temperatures. Here are the best ways to do it.
The top corner of Gmail on a laptop screen.

Here’s what to do when you inevitably run out of Gmail storage

The last thing you want is your Gmail storage to be full, and you can't receive any more emails. Fortunately, it's super quick and easy to fix. Here's how.
Man using dual monitor arms on his desk.

This change to my multi-monitor setup was totally worth it

I switched to a third-party monitor arm for my displays, and I'll never look back. It's such an improvement that I wish I'd done it years ago.
HLT vertical kickstand for graphics card mounting.

How to vertically mount your GPU (and why you might want to)

Want to have a better look at your GPU while you're gaming? Vertically mounting it is one solution. Here's how to do it.
A frustrated person looking at a laptop.

How to uninstall McAfee

Preinstalled antivirus software got you down? Never fear. With a few clicks, we can help you get rid of McAfee for good, so you can install something better.
Ray traced Fortnite at max settings.

3 easy ways to quickly improve Fortnite performance

Getting good performance in Fortnite is important if you want to be competitive. Here are the best ways to boost your frame rate to help you win more often.
Logitech's Pro 2 gaming peripherals.

How to use the Logitech G Hub features for your new gaming peripherals

Logitech G-Hub is a robust backend app for controlling all your Logitech accessories. Here's how to use it.
Jon's latest gaming and work machine.

I built the best gaming PC in the world — and it wasn’t worth it

I upgraded my PC with some of the fastest components in the world and it's made my work much faster, but it barely effected my gaming at all. Here's why.
The Razer Core X Chroma external graphics card on a desk next a laptop and a monitor.

These are the best graphics cards to use in an external GPU enclosure

One way to boost your laptop's performance is with an external graphics enclosure. Here are the best GPUs to give your laptop desktop-grade gaming power.