Bug In or Bug Out? Considerations.

Bug In and Staying Put!

So here goes the debate of so many preparedness sites. Personally I will Bug In depending on the situation.  If the situation warrants it the most commonsense approach would be to stay put, especial if you have prepared properly and have a number of supplies and resources. First off you would have supplies, shelter, hopefully running water if you have designed a well system to run off emergency power such as a generator, solar power or hand pump and a heat source such as a wood burning stove with plenty of fuel.

Now I know most urban homes will not have an option of a wood stove or water well. So stockpiling water and securing another heat source other than electric heat will be detrimental for those particular areas. Also staying in your home may have security considerations that bugging out will not. You may have weapons, ammunition and hopefully some kind of home fortification and defensive position that being on the move will not provide.

Even though you decide to Bug In have a plan to evacuate quickly if need be. Have a trailer or vehicle loaded with essentials to get you to another predestined Bug Out location quickly if the tide changes and you absolutely have to leave. Dont get stuck in a panic when things change! Be ready!!

Having a Cache.

Dont keep all your eggs in one basket, spread things out over different areas around your property or possibly along a route of escape to another location. Make sure you and the members of your family or team know the locations of them incase something should happen to you.

Bugging Out!

I know so many people have romanticized bugging out and have a huge delusion that living in the forest or heading for the mountains will be the way to go. If you have ever tried this in real life or even as a training scenario it is tough very tough and most will not survive. Now if you have a bug out location which most DO NOT, then you may have a fighting chance. If you have ever camped out before especially with your in laws, family and children then you know that can be stressful alone in itself. They are cold, uncomfortable, no running water no functioning showers or toilets no heat other than a campfire and the tent that is a freezing burrito of sleeping bags and blankets.

Tempers flair quite quickly. Now imagine amplifying it by 1000 by adding a disaster or catastrophic event. Plus now you are contending with everyone else who decided the forest was the place to go. Now you have good, bad, very bad and some downright spawn of satan people also trying to get away from urban areas as well and willing to take your food, water, weapons, children and or female family members as their own and willing to take by force or even kill to get what they want. Don’t underestimate people when things get bad. Friendly Bob who lived down the street may become the equivalent of Jeffrey Dahmer or Charles Manson when things go bad. Most will show their true selves, the kind person you knew may not be the same under certain circumstances. Bugging out will not be as easy as you think. Something to consider!

When Bugging Out Makes Sense.

The only reason I personally would bug out is if there was a threat of danger such as a catastrophic storm, riots, military occupation, a combat zone, flooding or anything that would cause a immediate danger to the life of my family or myself by staying. I would rather take my chances and avoid any possibility of being corralled and stuck in a FEMA or military camp. If you think the government or military will be there to help you then maybe you should research the horror stories that happened in the FEMA camps during Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Sandy.

Want to feel like you’re in prison or in a concentration camp then let the government help. Your Constitutional rights as an American are invalid and void during an emergency disaster declaration or martial law.

If you absolutely have to bug out have a plan and route to hopefully travel undetected. Have a Bug Out destination pre planned before you head out. And make sure the route will help you get to your location as safely and quickly as possible. Be aware there may be obstructions in thoroughfares, highways and occasional government checkpoints along the way. Avoid these at all costs.

Check out how FEMA took care of business: FEMA DISASTER HORROR STORIES

“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’”

– President Ronald Reagan


4 thoughts on “Bug In or Bug Out? Considerations.”

  1. Stay as long as you can. Prep for freedom Imagination is your best friend. Once you start prepping it can get very addicting. Its hard to draw a line at where to stop cause there’s so many different circumstances. It can own you so beware. .Last thing-. What you cant defend is not yours, and think about penicillin.


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