How to Survive a Riot & Live to Tell About

Great article from Backyard Prepper US.
The best thing is avoid getting stuck in a mob if you have notice , but if you don’t have time to get away follow these tips to successfully make it to safety.

Backyard Prepper US

With what is occurring all over the world, each and every one of us need to be aware of not only basic wilderness skills but also urban survival skills. Perhaps the most important group of skills to know is “How to Survive a Riot”.

How to Survive a Riot & Live to Tell About It!

Picture yourself in a large metropolitan area, having lunch with a couple of old friends, when all of the sudden, a breaking news flash comes on the TV showing a reporter at a protest not far from the restaurant you’re at. As you and your friends are eating you notice that the crowd is growing larger and more restless. The restaurant is becoming tense and quite, several patrons are leaving without finishing their meal. Suddenly the manager comes out, and announces that the restaurant is now closed and that everyone should leave. The TV is now showing the police in riot gear, the protesters have begun…

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