How to Build A Bug Out Bag. A Good Starting Point For New Preppers.

My personal Bug Out Bag.

What Is A Bug Out Bag?

A Bug Out Bag is designed to get you through a 72 hour event. Whether the emergency may be a natural storm disaster, Zombie Apocalypse or other TEOTWAWKI event. The bag should have enough items to get you through until either help arrives or you get to a predetermined bug out location.

Building a bag really depends on personal preference,  But some basic life sustaining items should be standard such as a temporary shelter, ways of creating fire, collecting and purifying water and a small 72 hours worth of food to get you through an event until you can either hunt or trap if necessary.

What Bug Out Bag Is Best For Me?

There are a bevy of commercial Bug Out Bags on the market. Some are really nice but very expensive and then there are some that seriously contain items that look like they were stocked at the local dollar store. Avoid the cheap bags at all cost. You don’t want your family or you to depend on a Bug Out Bag that will ultimately fail based on the cheap garbage inside. Or if you do buy one of the cheaper kits or buckets weed out the junk and add your own items to them.

Personally I assemble my own bag with gear that is proven and that I also use when camping. This way all items have your seal of approval and will contain quality gear that you actually use and try out. Use items in your bag to become familiar with its contents. Replace any perishable items regularly such as medications or food.

Use The Gear You Decide to Carry.

Know each item in your Bug Out Bag and what its uses are and that its a dependable and useful part of your kit. Dont wait until the emergency happens to see whats in it. If you use something and its crap dispose of it and replace it with better quality. So many people buy a B.O.B. / 72 hour kits and throw them in the car trunk or closet never to be seen again. Dont make that mistake. Open it, try it, take it out and see how it works.

Build a Bag for Each Member of Your Family

When I built My bag, I pretty much duplicated every item and replicated the contents into my wifes bag. That way if we become separated I know she will have the same fighting chance I will. Now will she be able to carry 45 pounds of B.O.B.? No so there are some items that have been spared from her bag such as a extra 100 rounds of ammo. So you will need to adjust some things depending on who is carrying it. Now can she put a 45 pound bag on the back of an ATV or into the trunk of a car yes she can! My daughter on the other hand has a much smaller pack with more food and water items than anything for her particular bag.

Even if you have a dog set them up with a K9 pack and vest for carrying items such as their own food and water.

Even Fido can carry their own gear.

What’s In The Bag?

Here are some of the items I stock in my own personal bag. And this is just whats in the pack , not including ammo magazines, canteens, ghillie suit and gear carried on my plate carrier vest, that loadout we’ll save for a another day.

  1. 10 x 10 section of clear poly plastic sheeting for “Super Shelter”
  2. 3 Packs of MRE’s field stripped and vacuum sealed
  3. 2 Pair of socks and underwear in vacuum sealed bag.
  4. 1 Extra shirt in vacuum sealed bag “Change according to weather”
  5. 10 AAA batteries
  6. 10 AA batteries
  7. 1 box of 50 45 ACP
  8. Strike Force ferro rod
  9. Fine steel wool
  10. 3 small boxes of wooden matches vacuum sealed
  11. 1 waterproof bag for documents etc.
  12. 4 12 hour chem lights.
  13. 2 road flares
  14. 1 can Sterno
  15. 1 can bug spray
  16. 1 stick camo face paint
  17. 1 balaclava
  18. 1 bottle water purification tablets
  19. 3 pack hand warmers
  20. 1 military “E”tool and case
  21. 1 Esbit pocket stove and fuel
  22. 2 Daltrex survival ration
  23. 1 military poncho
  24. 2 space blankets
  25. Snare and fishing kit from survival metrics
  26. 20 Large zip ties for restrains or ties
  27. 100 feet para cord
  28. Small first aid kit
  29. Sierra saw
  30. Fence pliers
  31. Small flat pry bar
  32. Swiss army knife
  33. Full tang fixed blade knife
  34. 2 quart army canteen collapsed with case
  35. Compass
  36. Survival whistle
  37. Coghlans strobe flasher
  38. 8×10 tarp for a temporary shelter
  39. 1 roll black electrical tape
  40. 1 roll duct tape
  41. 1 SOG tactical tomahawk
  42. 1 maglight flashlight
  43. 1 streamlight headlamp
  44. Film canister with 8 cotton balls soaked with Vaseline
  45. Altoids tin with char cloth
  46. 100 Rounds 22 LR ammo
  47. Pocket Chainsaw
  48. 50 rounds of 9MM
  49. Hydration Bladder
  50. Medications for 4 to 5 days

2 thoughts on “How to Build A Bug Out Bag. A Good Starting Point For New Preppers.”

  1. Don’t forget the basic bullet stoppers I always carry a 3 pack of Tampons. they work to stop the external bleeding from a bullet wound and as fire starting kinder as well. I personally carry a bow if I can get to it, but a collapsible blowgun with tranquilizer darts works great to.


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