Friends Don’t Let Friends Paint Guns!

Picked this Norinco Model 320 up today cheap. Some idiot painted it so now off to the store for paint stripper. I decided to just sand it by hand it and using Brownell’s Aluma – Hyde 2 in flat black to put a durable epoxy based finish on it and adding a folding stock and IMI grips. After research this will accept IMI semi auto parts as it is basically an unlicensed clone of ISRAELI UZI. I’ll post pics of its progress and transformation on this blog as it progresses.

As it came home! Keep checking in for updates on its progress and restoration.

Next step stipping off the old rediculous paint and then having the finish smoothed out by media blasting it. Stay tuned for its transformation!

Went to the local hardware store and picked up a can of zip strip, poured some into a small container and used an old toothbrush to get into all the nooks an crannies.
After washing the first globs of paint off I kept on stripping. I used a brass bristle brush to remove the remainder of the paint that was being stubborn. A brass bristle brush will not scratch steel and is great for removing rust off a weapon too!.
This thing took almost 2 1/2 hours to strip all parts completely of all paint.

I forgot to snap pictures after it was stripped but it looked like someone had ground on it with a dremel tool. After a couple more hours of sanding going from 220, 400 and 600 grit sand paper I got it smooth. and decided to degrease it and coat it. And below is the finished result.

For the mean time until I purchase a folding stock and the pistol grips and may also replace the handguards as they are really worn. It is cleaned and ready to roll. I also polished the feed ramp before reassembly. I have also throated the barrel slightly and made some minor adjustments. I do have some new parts coming for it. I plan on replacing all the springs, , sear, firing pin and striker, ejector and adding the folding sock. I will post pics as I take them. Also purchased some 32 round mags to replace the weak 25 rounder that came with it.

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