Making Wire Snares For Survival Trapping

I made a video on how to build Survival Snares from simple steel wire. Very easy to make and each one takes about one minute to do. They can be built small for smaller game rabbits and squirrels .The same method can also be used with larger wire for larger animals up to raccoons, coyotes or bobcat. Check your snare traps frequently to avoid any losses.

Below is the list of supplies needed.

  1. Spool of steel wire or fencing wire for larger animals.
  2. Stick or Pen
  3. Wire cutters or knife

Everything you need for this simple project and hopefully a little food at the end of the day.

You can attach the snares to a tree trunk, stake or engine for quicker killing with more wire or para cord. Possibilities are endless as far as how these can be used. Good luck and happy hunting!


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