Does your child have a survival kit and know what to do if they become lost?

Some simple items to make sure your children have basic survival necessities while on family or group camping trips. If your children are younger make sure they are supervised with the knives and fire starting tools until you are comfortable that they know how to use them safely!

Remember most people are found within a few hours of being lost. Make sure to teach your children how items are used and practice certain skills regularly. Training is most important over any kit! Teach your children how to safely and properly use items, and if your not sure hire someone to teach them.

Basic Items To Carry In A Kit

Metal canteen or survival straw water filter
Solar blanket
Pocket Knife
Flashlight or light stick
Ferro rod, magnesium bar or matches in match safe
Tube tent
Two way radio

All these items can be packed in a small pack or yes the wimpy fanny pack LOL

Tips for Children that become lost!
What to do if you become lost

“This is an excerpt from my pamphlet that I give to our youth students”

1. First and foremost stay calm you will be found! Don’t panic! Stop, sit down and breath, look at your surroundings. Listen for sounds you may hear friends or family calling for you.

2. Stay where you are! You will be easier to find as soon as you are noticed missing. A child can cover a lot of ground in a very short period of time and usually in a very erratic pattern. Making chances of being found much more difficult for rescuers!

3. Make noise: Use a whistle, call out for help, clap, beat sticks or rocks together.Three blasts from a whistle indicate HELP. Continue the blasts until you visually see rescuers and they see you!

4. Make yourself visible! Wear bright colored clothes into the woods or carry a florescent hunting vest in a pack so you is can easily seen from a distance.

5. If it begins to become dark build shelter either by carrying a small tube tent in a pack or making a lean to shelter from small limbs or pine boughs.

6. Build a camp fire if you have the tools and training. The fire will provide comfort, heat and signal for rescuers.

7. Collect firewood! Gather sticks, small limbs, pine cones and collect lots of it to make sure there is enough to last all night. If you think you have enough, gather even more!


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