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Godzilla destroys the city in a wide shot still from Godzilla Minus One

At 70, is Godzilla more popular (and better) than ever?

As other franchises falter, the radioactive reptile enjoys new popularity, thanks to Godzilla Minus One and his forthcoming reunion with King Kong.
A woman hides in shadow in Furiosa.

Furiosa: Why the Mad Max prequel is the most anticipated 2024 action movie

Eevee sits on a tree stump in Pokemon Concierge.

Netflix’s adorable new Pokémon show will warm your heart

A woman lies on an operating table in Poor Things.

10 best sci-fi movies of 2023, ranked

Vin Diesel holds a car door like a shield in a still from Fast X

Are movie franchises dead, or are we just seeing the start of new ones?

The promo image of Freevee's Jury Duty.

Amazon Prime Video was the most underrated streaming service in 2023. Here’s why

A blonde-haired woman wears a skull mask in The Fall of the House of Usher.

10 best TV shows of 2023, ranked

Ghostface brandishes a knife in a still from Scream VI

The 10 most underrated movies of 2023, ranked

Joel and Ellie stand on a rooftop together in The Last of Us Episode 9.

This streaming service was the best in 2023. Find out what it is and why it dominated

Shot of Cillian Murphy in "Oppenheimer."

Oppenheimer was the movie of 2023. Here’s why

Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher from the Amazon Prime Video series Reacher standing outside, looking menacing.

Reacher is the best action show out right now. Here’s why

A man looks out of a train window in Unstoppable.

You probably missed this underrated 2010 action movie. Here’s why you should watch it

A man aims his gun in Lethal Weapon.

Forget Die Hard; this 1980s action film is the most underrated Christmas movie ever

Forget Die Hard. It's this 1980s action film that's secretly one of the best Christmas movies ever. Find out what it is and why you should watch it now.
The Turtles and April play a video game in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem.

What’s the best comic book movie of 2023?

What's the best comic book movie of 2023? Here's a hint: it's not Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.
Aaron Moten stands next to someone wearing power armor in Fallout.

Why the Fallout TV series cast kept the games (and Todd Howard) at arm’s length

The cast of Amazon's Fallout series explains how it brought the postapocalyptic game series to life, along with Todd Howard's involvement in the show.
A woman smokes with another woman in Eileen.

This Anne Hathaway thriller is 2023’s freakiest movie. Here’s why you should watch it

You may not have heard of this 2023 Anne Hathaway thriller, but it's one of the best movies of the year. Here's why you should watch it.
A man hugs a woman in In Bruges.

This 2008 action comedy is also one of the best Christmas movies ever. Here’s why

This 2008 action comedy starring Colin Farrell is also a great movie to watch during Christmas. Find out what it is and why you should stream it.
Gerard Butler behind bars screaming and looking maniacal in a scene from Copshop.

3 underrated movies on Prime Video you need to watch in December

The three underrated movies on Prime Video you need to watch in December featurre David Harbour, Matthew Perry, Zac Efron, and Gerard Butler.
7 best snl holiday skits ranked schweddy balls

7 best SNL holiday skits, ranked

The 7 best SNL holiday skits include Matt Damon and Cecily Strong reliving the joys of Christmas, and Alec Baldwin and his Schweddy's Balls.
Will Ferrell sits at a desk in Elf.

Why the Will Ferrell comedy Elf is still the best Christmas movie ever

Find out why the Will Ferrell comedy is the best Christmas movie of the 21st century.
Godzilla roars at a school bus.

Godzilla without Godzilla? Stop turning blockbusters into streaming soap operas

Why do the small-screen adaptations The Last of Us, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, and John Wick: The Continental all fail to live up to their source material?
Link pulls out the master sword in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Nintendo’s Zelda movie needs to be nothing like The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie may have been a success, but the upcoming Zelda movie shouldn't copy its notes.
Elon Musk as Wario in a sketch from Saturday Night Live.

Is Elon Musk the worst SNL host ever?

Elon Musk is the richest man alive, but he is also the worst SNL host in recent memory. DT looks back at his hosting stint and examines what went wrong.
Anna Sawai stands in the rain in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

Does Monarch: Legacy of Monsters signal the slow death of the cinematic universe as we know it?

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is a frequently entertaining adventure series, but it also feels like a relic of an era that's either dead or dying.
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in a promo image for The Hunger Games Catching Fire.

Why Catching Fire is still the best Hunger Games movie ever

As The Hunger Games: Catching Fire turns 10, we look back at the film, which is not only the best in its saga but also the pinnacle of YA cinema.
A film projector showing a fedora-wearing silhouette with two thumbs down icons.

I hated this classic Steven Spielberg movie everyone loves. Here’s why

Steven Spielberg has directed many masterpieces, and while this beloved movie is among many people's favorites I just can't get behind it. Find out why.
Colin Farrell sips a drink in Widows.

You probably didn’t watch the most underrated crime thriller of the 2010s. Here’s why you should see it now

This underrated action movie with Liam Neeson and Colin Farrell was overlooked when it was released in 2018. Here's why it's due for a rewatch.
Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.

Does Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World still hold up 20 years later?

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, we're looking back at the film and explaining why it's a modern classic.
Chris Hemsworth's Thor poses with his hammer.

Is Thor: The Dark World really the worst Marvel movie?

Ten years later, the second Thor movie looks less like a low point for the MCU than a concerning harbinger of what the superhero franchise would become.
Mark as an Invincible flying above the cityscape.

Forget Loki; Invincible is the best superhero show you’re not watching right now

Invincible returns to Amazon Prime Video with the first part of its second season, proving why it's the best animated superhero show by a considerable margin.
The cast of "The Avengers."

Bringing back the original Avengers won’t save the MCU

Marvel Studios is reportedly considering bringing back all of the original stars of The Avengers. However, that won't be enough to fix the MCU's many problems.
The Avengers assemble in a board room in Endgame.

5 things the MCU should do if they bring back the original Avengers

Should the Marvel Cinematic Universe bring back the six original Avengers, they should make the most of this opportunity and do these five things.
Jessica Biel looks terrified in a car.

Platinum Dunes polished horror’s grimy past for a new generation

Twenty years ago, Platinum Dunes remade almost every major horror classic from the '70s and '80s. Are the Michael Bay horror remakes as terrible as fans say?
A girl knocks at a mirror door in 2018's Suspiria.

This horror remake shocked audiences 5 years ago. Here’s why you should watch it this Halloween

Five years ago, director Luca Guadagnino reinvented one of the most iconic horror films ever made and shocked audiences worldwide. Here's why it still holds up.

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