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Georgie Peru

Georgie Peru

Computing Writer

Georgie is a freelance writer for Digital Trends and other tech-based websites. With a degree in Psychology and a Diploma in C Programming, Georgie has spent the last decade writing articles, reviews, and guides in the tech arena with the aim to inform her readers and spread her knowledge far and wide.

Georgie lives and works out of her home nestled in the Cotswolds in England. When she isn't writing, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors with her young son and family.

A woman wearing the Apple Vision Pro headset.

The 4 biggest concerns I still have about the Vision Pro

Apple's Vision Pro mixed-reality headset is receiving some backlash after user's first impressions
Google Chrome with pinned tabs on a MacBook on a table.

How to switch back to classic Google Chrome design

Don't like Chrome's Material You redesign? Easily switch back to the classic design using these simple steps.
Intel Meteor Lake integrated NPU slide showcased at the Intel Tech Tour in Malaysia.

What is an NPU? Here’s why everyone’s suddenly talking about them

CPU, GPU, NPU; what are they, and how NPUs will change the future of computer chips.
task manager on windows 11 displaying the performance tab

Windows Task Manager: 5 most important things to know

Discover settings you didn't know about, or features you must try, in Windows Task Manager.
Expandable RAM as seen on the Framework Laptop.

How to upgrade the RAM on your laptop

Learn how to upgrade RAM on your laptop to improve speed and performance.
Microsoft said that Teams has received a ground-up redesign, which will “empower customers to navigate the challenges of the evolving modern workplace.”

You can use Microsoft Teams to send text messages. Here’s how

You can create individual SMS chats or group chats easily via Microsoft Teams, or use your Android device to access Teams SMS chats.
ddr3 and ddr4 differences man s hand holding computer ram memory card

What’s the difference between DDR3 and DDR4 RAM?

Wondering how DDR3 and DDR4 compare? We explore the main differences between DDR3 versus DDR4 RAM, including speed, price, and the future of DDR5 RAM.