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Kunal Khullar

Kunal Khullar

Computing Writer

A PC hardware enthusiast and casual gamer, Kunal has been in the tech industry for almost a decade contributing to names like XDA Developers, News 18, PCMag, Digit, and more. When not working you can expect him scrolling through Reddit threads drooling over RGB synced PC setups, listening to djenty music, and trying his best to reach Platinum rank on Apex Legends.

The Lenovo Mechanical Harvesting keyboard and mouse combo on a white background.

This wireless mouse and keyboard are powered by mechanical energy

The Mechanical Energy Harvesting Combo uses mechanical movement to power a mouse and a keyboard, eliminating the need for external charging.
AMD CEO holding a Ryzen 7000 processor.

AMD may finally launch what we’ve all been waiting for later this year

The next iteration of AMD's Ryzen CPUs, code-named Granite Ridge and featuring the Zen 5 core architecture, is said to have entered mass production.
Various Microsoft branded peripherals accessories on a white background.

Microsoft accessories are back from the dead

Accessory maker Incase has secured the rights to manufacture and distribute a wide range of Microsoft-branded peripherals.
The ThinkBook TGX graphics solution with the ThinkBook laptop.

This Lenovo external graphics solution does what other eGPUs can’t

The new ThinkBook 14 i Gen 6+ from Lenovo features the latest Intel Core Ultra CPUs and a newly designed external graphics docking solution.
Two HP Omen Transcend monitors, showing the back and front.

HP takes on Alienware and Samsung with its 4K QD-OLED gaming monitor

HP's new Omen-branded 4K OLED 240Hz gaming monitor makes use of Samsung's next-gen QD-OLED panel.
favorite pc cases excited for whats next thermaltake tower 200 mini 1

These recent PC cases make me excited for what’s next

Some of my favorite recent PC cases get me excited for what's coming next.
Press renders of the 2024 Razer Blade 16 and Blade 18 gaming laptops.

The new Razer Blade 16 is embracing OLED in a big way

Razer will be showcasing the new Blade 16 and Blade 18 with new high-end display technology at CES this year.
AMD Ryzen processor render.

AMD’s new integrated graphics might beat popular Nvidia GPU

Newly leaked information suggests that AMD is preparing new Ryzen 8000 series desktop processors with improved integrated graphics.
A hand holding the RTX 4090 GPU.

How to speed up your graphics card

The GPU is your best friend when it comes to PC gaming as it does most of the heavy lifting. Here's how you can speed up your graphics card.
razer blade 14 2023 review 35

Razer Blade 14 vs. Razer Blade 15: is smaller better?

Both the Razer Blade 14 and 15 stand as excellent thin and lightweight gaming laptops, but determining the superior choice requires a closer examination.
Nvidia's RTX 4070 graphics cards over a pink background.

At this point, we know just about everything about Nvidia’s new GPUs

Nvidia is expected to launch a new lineup of RTX 40 Super series of GPUs, and the leaks just keep coming.
The Kingston Fury Renegade DDR5 memory modules in white.

PC memory is about to double in max capacity

With higher density chips, memory manufacturers can now produce 64GB of DDR5 memory modules.
Overwatch 2 running on the LG OLED 27 gaming monitor.

The best OLED monitors you can buy in 2023

In recent months, a range of exceptional OLED monitors have made their debut. Here's a curated list of our top favorites.
Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger.

Intel just called out Nvidia

The entire industry is motivated to eliminate the CUDA market, said Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger.
A 3D visual to represent the experience on the Lenovo ThinkVision 27 3D monitor.

Lenovo’s glasses-free 3D monitor has arrived, and it looks awesome

Lenovo's ThinkVision 27 3D makes use of clever hardware and software to deliver both 2D and 3D viewing on the same screen.
Samsung's 31.5-inch and 27-inch QD-OLED monitors for 2024.

The next generation of QD-OLED monitors is coming soon

Samsung is preparing to launch two new high-end gaming monitors next year that will be using next-gen QD-OLED panels.
lg 27md5kab ultrafine 5k review monitor mainfullmac2

The best 5K monitors you can buy for max resolution

Exploring top-notch monitors for content creation and media work? Check out the finest 5K monitors worth considering in 2023.
The TCL 31-inch 4K OLED dome display panel.

The 3 futuristic gaming monitors TCL just announced look insane

TCL has given a preview of its upcoming display panels that should be making their way to new monitors in 2024.
The Corsair M75 Air wireless gaming mouse standing next to the retail box.

The Corsair M75 Air is a simple and lightweight gaming mouse with just one problem

The Corsair M75 Air is the lightest gaming mouse from the company and is designed with esports and competitive gamers in mind.
ChatGPT versus Google on smartphones.

Google might finally have an answer to Chat GPT-4

Gemini, Google's newest expansive language model, initially previewed at the I/O developer conference in June, is now being introduced to the general public.
The Legion logo on the front of a desktop case.

This is the best Lenovo gaming PC you can buy

If you are looking for a powerful prebuilt gaming PC from Lenovo, this is the one that you should be spending your money on.

These are the best gaming mice to buy in 2023

Think your mouse is holding you back? Here are our top picks to improve your gaming performance.
italy agcom pirate anti piracy download bay software keyboard skull music cyber crime

Malicious bots make up 73% of internet traffic, report says

The notable surge in malicious bots can be attributed to the growing availability of AI tools, particularly those associated with generative AI.
The Lenovo Legion 5i Pro sitting at an angle.

The best Lenovo gaming laptops you can buy right now

Lenovo's Legion range of gaming notebooks offer solid design and effective cooling solutions, making them a worthwhile choice.
A screenshot of Paint Co-creator.

Microsoft just made Paint useful again

The latest update for Paint brings the new Cocreator feature that lets users generate AI-based images using the DALL-E 3 model.
maingear pro ws custom workstations max top logo

These sleek new Threadripper workstations pack up to 4 GPUs

Maingear is offering premium workstations solutions that are fully customizable depending on your needs.
Dell G15 series on desk.

This is the best Dell gaming laptop you can buy

This is currently the best Dell gaming laptop that you should be buying in 2023.
Welcome screen of the Windows App on MacOS.

Windows is just an application now

Microsoft is launching a new Windows App to let you access your Windows PC remotely on a variety of devices.
Intel's new Intel Core Ultra badge.

Some surprising details on Intel’s upcoming 14th-gen laptops just leaked

If certain product listings are to be believed, the first range of Intel Core Ultra laptops could launch around $1,000
A hand grabbing MSI's RTX 4090 Suprim X.

Windows 11 will soon harness your GPU for generative AI

Microsoft has partnered with Nvidia to launch a new release of TensorRT-LLM to make demanding AI workloads more accessible.
Alienware Aurora R16 sitting on a desk.

This is the best Alienware gaming PC you can buy

Alienware is no stranger when it comes to gaming laptops, but if you are looking for a gaming desktop, this is the one you should buy.
Stadium lighting on the Alienware x16 laptop.

This is the best Alienware gaming laptop you can buy

The Alienware x16 offers great performance, an excellent keyboard, and a relatively thin package that makes it stand out among desktop replacements.
A woman using a laptop connected to a Dell 24 video conferencing monitor.

Dell’s new UltraSharp monitors have one major innovation

Dell is introducing a total of seven new monitors that focus on improving productivity at your workplace.
Gamer using Discord on a gaming desktop PC.

AMD retracts its new gaming feature after it was getting players banned

AMD is rolling back its Anti-Lag+ technology in all supported games with its latest graphics driver update.