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Luke Larsen

Luke Larsen

Senior Editor, Computing

Luke Larsen is a Senior Editor at Digital Trends and manages all content covering laptops, monitors, PC hardware, and everything else that plugs into a computer. Luke joined Digital Trends in 2017 as a native Portlander, happy to join a media company that called his city home. His obsession with technology is in observing the ebb and flow of how technological advancement and product design intersects with our day-to-day experience of it. From digging into the minute details to stepping back and seeing the wider trends, Luke revels in telling stories with tech.

Before working at DT, he worked as Tech Editor at Paste Magazine for over four years and has bylines at publications such as IGN and The Oregonian. When he's not obsessing over what the best laptop is or how Apple can fix the Mac, Luke spends his time playing designer board games, quoting obscure Star Wars lines, and hanging with his family.

Lies of P on Samsung's glasses-free 3D gaming monitor at CES 2024.

Glasses-free 3D gaming can be amazing — but only if it’s done right

I've seen two approaches to 3D gaming monitors, and one could take them to the next level.
ces wasnt ready for vision pro asus air 2 01

CES wasn’t ready for the Vision Pro

The Vision Pro is just around a month away, but CES didn't show many promising alternatives in the works.
The Razer Iskur V2 in a demo room.

I sat in Razer’s new gaming chair, and my back loved it

Razer announced the Iskur V2 at CES this year, and its new lumbar support cushion feels great.
The MSI Titan 18 open on a table.

Intel’s awkward transition year

Many of the most powerful laptops announced at CES 2024 won't use the latest Meteor Lake chips.
The Alienware 32 QD-OLED monitor on a stand.

Alienware 32 QD-OLED review: a showstopping monitor

When it comes to gaming, the Alienware 32 QD-OLED offers an unparalleled experience
HP Omen Transcend 14 sitting next to a window.

The best gaming laptops we saw at CES 2024

It was a lighter year for gaming laptops at CES 2024, but these are the ones that really popped.
The Dell XPS 14 on a table.

The best and most exciting laptops I saw at CES 2024

CES 2024 brought a host of new laptops across a variety of categories -- but these were the absolute best.
The two screens of the Zenbook Duo on a white table.

Dual-screen laptops is the idea that just won’t die

Asus has announced the Zenbook Duo, yet another attempt at nailing the dual-screen laptop design.
The ZenScreen Fold next to a laptop.

This OLED portable monitor can fold right in half

At CES 2024, Asus has announced the ZenScreen Fold, the first OLED foldable portable monitor.
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid.

This is the Windows/Android hybrid device I’ve always wanted

Lenovo's new ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 hybrid is half Android tablet, half Windows PC.
The Alienware 32 4K QD-OLED on a table with a game on the screen.

Alienware’s new second-gen QD-OLED monitors are stunning

Alienware has launched 27-inch and 32-inch QD-OLED gaming monitors, and they're really impressive.
The MSI Stealth 18 AI Studio on a table.

MSI just went hard

MSI brought some serious contenders to CES 2024 against the MacBook Pro in the creator space.
The back of the Alienware m16 R2 on a table.

This is a first for Alienware gaming laptops

Dell has brought new Alienware gaming laptops and peripherals to CES 2024, with a number of updates.
The color e-ink screen on the back of the ThinkBook laptop.

This laptop has a customizable, color e-ink screen right on its lid

Lenovo's experiments with e-ink continue, this time in full color on a laptop launched at CES 2024.
The Razer Blade 14 and 18 on a table.

The Razer Blade is losing its edge

Razer brought some updates to its Blade gaming laptops at CES 2024, but was it enough?
The Link monitors connected on a table.

Samsung’s fascinating new monitors can connect wirelessly via pogo pins

Samsung announced a mysterious new monitor called The Link that uses pogo pins to daisy-chain monitors together.
Someone playing games on the Predator X34X OLED at a desk.

Acer Predator doubles down on OLED, mini-LED, and extreme curves

Acer has launched updates to its Predator line of gaming monitors that embrace OLED, mini-LED, and extreme curves.
AMD CEO holding a Ryzen 7000 processor.

CES 2024: all the GPUs, monitors, and laptops to expect

CES remains a huge computing show, and this year will be no different.
The XPS 13, XPS 14, and XPS 16 on a table.

Here’s why people are upset about the changes to the XPS lineup this year

Dell has launched some huge changes to the XPS lineup this year, and people are already complaining.
The XPS 14 and 16 in front of a window.

Dell just hit reset on the XPS

Ahead of CES 2024, Dell has announced a new XPS 13, 14, and 16 to replace the XPS 15 and 17.
dell ultrasharp monitors ces 2024 ultrasharprefreshrateces

Why I’m excited about Dell’s new 120Hz UltraSharp monitors

Dell has announced two new large, 120Hz UltraSharp monitors, launched just ahead of CES.
surface pro x

The best Windows tablets for 2024

Windows tablets are making a comeback, but not in the way you might think.
Dell XPS 15 9520 front view showing display and keyboard deck.

The best 15-inch laptops for 2023

Today's 15-inch laptops are slimmer and quicker than their aging counterparts. Here are the top models for working, gaming, streaming, and any other task.
best laptops for music production

The best laptops for music production, chosen by experts

Whether you want to use a MacBook or a Windows 10 laptop, these are the best laptops for music production you can buy.

The best webcams for Teams, Zoom, streaming, low light and more

The webcam on your laptop isn't great, but one of these higher-quality webcams is sure to enhance your Zoom calls and fit your other webcam needs and budget.
dell xps 13 9315 review 06

10 best laptops of 2023: tested and reviewed

Looking for the best laptops to buy in 2023? We've tested and reviewed top laptops, Chromebooks, and MacBooks to help you choose.
The keyboard of the MacBook Pro 14-inch on a wood surface.

The best new laptops of 2023

These are the standout laptops we reviewed this year, including everything from MacBooks to gaming laptops.
The Acer Swift Go 14 on a desk by a window.

The best Core Ultra laptops that just got announced

Intel's new Core Ultra chips have been announced, along with a slew of new supporting laptops. Here are the best of them.
The Acer Swift Go 14 on a table in front of a window.

Intel’s new Core Ultra chips needed to be more than this

Intel's new Core Ultra chips have landed, and from my testing, they haven't moved the needle like they needed to.
The keyboard and trackpad of the MacBook Air.

New MacBooks are coming, but they aren’t worth waiting for

The M3 MacBook Air is reportedly on the way, but you probably don't need to worry about waiting for it.
The MacBook Pro on a wooden table.

Everyone who should (and shouldn’t) buy the M3 MacBook Pro

The M3 MacBook Pro is bewildering, but there's a reason for its existence that runs deep in Mac strategy and marketing.
Magic Mouse next to a Mac keyboard on a desk.

Apple has a chance to fix its worst product next year

A new rumor indicates that Apple may finally revisit the infamous Magic Mouse. Will The company finally fix it?
The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i won Digital Trend's Most Innovative Laptop of 2023 award.

The most innovative laptop of 2023

There was one laptop that stood out this year from the rest as a pure example of design innovation.
The 14-inch MacBook Pro with M3 Max chip seen from behind.

How a MacBook Pro sneakily got me back into PC gaming

I have fond memories of the old days of PC gaming. Somehow, Baldur's Gate 3 on a MacBook Pro brought me back.